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#1 Welcome to My Healing Blog!

"My Way of Healing in My Time"

Introducing myself in one sentence is just not enough but Hey! My name is Jasz. My Healing Journey blog will give you hope to heal even the hardest parts of yourself. Reading my blog will make me laugh, cry and feel what I have dealt with and still give you the warm love you always needed. From dealing with childhood trauma to dating, you will enjoy every life experience and hopefully relate to them in some way that helps you heal.

Growing up in the 80s was just the beginning of my unique beautiful childhood with a dash of trauma. My parents were still just kids trying to get their groove on while raising their 1st child, ME. Each time I tell you a story of how I healed just remember life wasn't easy

during a decade full of craziness. Born to be wild is an understatement because when I was born, being free is all I ever wanted.

Free love is what I wanted and what I gave when it came to dating. I'm celibate with a few relapses but we will get into that later. My hormones were raging at an early age, leading me to have relationships with the wrong types. Female on the outside with a Male mindset was confusing because I wanted commitment while being a player. The nickname JPimp came about around 18 but that was only given to me because my love life was all over the place.

Living Life

Let's Feel & Heal Together in every way possible so we can be the best we can be for ourselves and those around us. Living life to the fullest to achieve the ultimate potential of true love within. Healing takes place when you speak about what hurts you and find ways not to continue down the same paths, all while being in a lavish affair with yourself while on your healing journey.

Feel & Heal

Welcome to the true-life events that lead me ready to discuss why I now choose the path of sobriety and celibacy. Healing takes time and effort so follow me every week to discuss a new topic and story. Leave comments and Subscribe to stay up to date on my Self Love in Solitude, THE HEALING JOURNEY.

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