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#10 Is healing a gift and a curse at the same time? It may feel like both at times, just like everything else in life with pros and cons. Your healing journey may be rewarding yet very stressful when you realize you are the only one on your level. Healing yourself from the inside out has you glowing while attracting energies to distract you. Have you ever felt like something else happens the minute you just finished cleansing yourself of negativity? This goes with a saying that most of you know "If it ain't one thing it's another". I have fallen victim to this many times because I love to help others heal.

When you begin to strengthen your willpower and subconscious thoughts, your healing journey becomes harder. Making better decisions will have you feel better about yourself. The whole point of healing is to change your lifestyle course, which will feel like a gift that doesn't stop giving. The healing journey can get lonely at times but remember you are choosing what keeps your mind, body, and spirit at peace. Each level that you achieve will give you more self-confidence and self-esteem. Your achievements are only known by you and shouldn't be shared because that's where the curse of it all might get ignited.

Healing is a curse at times because it can be envied and cause others to pressure you into falling back into your old bad habits. Try to keep your achievements and setbacks to yourself because someone will always have an opinion about it either way. As you level up from allowing negative or poison into your body then the next step is controlling the emotions that trigger falling back into situations that you just healed from. For instance, if you are trying to stop drinking alcohol then going out with your friends to a bar/club shouldn't be the best place for you to go to. If you are used to smoking every time you go to a friend's house, then you might have to decide not to go there anymore. Healing might make you have to distance yourself from family, friends, locations, and situations.

Loving yourself better than you did last year or yesterday is the goal, no matter how many setbacks you may have. Remember to always focus on the simple goals your soul wants and not continue to have instant gratification. The result will feel like healing is the true gift and will encourage you to keep working on yourself while also protecting your light from bugs that just want a bite. As I continue on my healing journey, I encourage everyone to try to detox themselves from anything that may deter them from fully healing the feelings that are grieving. Happy Valentines To You!!!!!

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