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#7 Healing & Traveling worldwide has opened my eyes to so many different ways of life. My soul has been humbled and my heart has loved me more than ever these past few years. While on my solo travels I have encountered more beautiful people than I could ever imagine. The connections I have made while traveling have helped me heal and completely filled my soul.

From beautiful destinations to meeting new people, God has blessed me with an amazing life journey so far. Throughout my life, I always knew that water, ocean, beach, sun, and traveling was meant for me. My true passion is where I feel the calmest which is anywhere near a beach or an ocean-view suite at a resort. Traveling helped me heal because of the energy it gave me to feel free of everyday life duties & worries. The different people I have met have no idea how much they have helped me push through some hard battles. There have been many times when life just felt hopeless or empty but then I would go on vacation. Within minutes of me leaving my home, I would find my wings and connect with the people I encountered like guardian angels. I would thank God every time I would connect with another soul because it made me feel still alive inside. Feeling happy and having fun times is always my goal. After I spread my purpose on this planet which is to make everyone feel unconditionally loved and accepted as themselves, I then feel an abundant amount of happiness come over me.

Traveling while Healing is so hard at times because as a solo traveler, I look around and see couples, family, and friends all together, only to ponder where I am in my life at this moment. I'm a single woman living a healing life full of trauma and pain, just waiting patiently for my turn to finally be loved properly. Knowing what I want is hard as well because I can only dedicate a small portion of my time to dating. How can I expect someone to give me their all when I can only give 15% of that? So every day I heal and get stronger, learning how to deal with my traumas while craving such a deep love that God must not be ready with that person yet. God is not done with me either since I always want to veer from God's path when traveling. Being a lover makes me sort of a hopeless romantic with a dash of pornstar. Meaning I will love you like a soulmate but also my sexual appetite is heightened due to my sex addiction.

Traveling makes me feel so free that my sexual addictions are intensified especially when I'm alone. Having a sex addiction is so hard because I crave intimacy more than the actual act. This is also because of the lack of having anything at this moment of healing. I have struggled with being celibate and then relapsing when a situation arises and energies connect during traveling. Every trip I take is different but they all either help or test my Healing. I have realized that when you have been through many heartaches and traumas, all you need is love. It feels amazing when someone can show me love beyond how I can love myself. The problem nowadays is that everyone needs love and healing so I have to protect myself. I have to protect the light I have within as well as the progress I have made over these past few years on my Healing Journey.

Healing is a daily process like grief but just know no matter how many times it hurts or how many times you need to heal, keep going. Get up Thank God, love yourself, guard your heart, and continue to travel. Nothing alive can flourish unless it's watered so Find Your Wings.

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