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When beginning the intense decision to face the issues you have covered up internally, more problems will surface. Figuring how who you are as a person and not what people want you to be is first. Then healing the parts of you that needed extra love and attention. Doing what you feel is to achieve a stronger better self daily no matter how many times you fall. Healing is an ongoing process that doesn't consist of just a few months of loving yourself.

My healing journey began about 8 years ago when I cut off my long hair to a short pixie cut. I woke up one morning around 6 am and just decided this is what I wanted. I craved change and I was tired of trying to fit a mold to receive love from others. I told myself "Whoever loves me is going to love me regardless". From compliments to people asking "why I cut my hair, that my long hair was beautiful" I heard it all. It was my life and the start of my way of healing and becoming my true self. After that, even my dating life changed because I now lessened my chances with people who weren't fond of short hair, which I didn't care about. If I went on a date and the person would ask "Are you going to grow it back?", that was the last date. I was at the point in my life that made me stronger than ever. I knew my confidence and healing would inspire others as I live my true self to this day.

Loving your true self also means being honest with yourself and others. Come to a point where there is nothing to hide and never sugar-coating any topic whether it's in front of family, friends, or strangers. My slick witty tongue with vulgar sexually driven remarks would catch everyone off guard. I was always quickly judged because my ways of being were not "lady-like" or like other women my age. Being free with my appearance and what I wore has always been one of my expertise. I love to change my hair colors, wear no bra or underwear, and choose bathing suits that barely cover what God gave me which is all-natural. My healing has taught me to be ready for the looks and smart remarks from others that may not understand what being a "Free Spirit" and "Healing" may look like. Being your true self is not for others' acceptance nor to get attention. I encourage all people no matter their age, skin color, weight, or sexuality to wear what they want and do it with PIZAZZ.

Healing the little child within that had endured so many different traumatizing experiences was where I found my true self hiding. Shy, scared, and unsure about the meaning of how to love me properly. It took me many mistakes and trials to now figure out what the meaning of "LOVE" truly is and how to apply it to myself all the time. I don't claim to be perfect nor do I want to be but I look forward to every day with gratitude. I love myself so much that after being on a celibate journey on and off for about 5 years I now know that my heart is ready for someone to love the true me. I have healed the fear of being hurt again as long as someone can love me properly with no underline toxicity. You will always face problems when you are healing but it doesn't mean you have to stop loving yourself and allowing others to love the true you. Love yourself so much that it inspires others to set themselves free.

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