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#9 Does a New Year change your same journey to heal? Sometimes we feel like things will get magically better when the date of the year changes. Well, it doesn't unless you continue to put in the effort to feel and heal from all things that you have been through.

As I get older I realize that every day is just the same. We wake up, open our eyes, and continue throughout our day while healing within. This is not an easy process especially when you have to disassociate yourself from certain people and settings that may trigger you during this vulnerable time. I have learned that it's okay not to be invited to that party because it could be a blessing in disguise. Healing can be a very lonely experience but very peaceful at the same time. We have to pick and choose our battles but always choose peace over chaos. Enjoy another calendar year with no distractions and no poisons to numb the pain. I know some people would read this and still choose to do what they want.

From my experience, I can tell you that battling all my addictions has been a struggle. I am not a saint but I feel the most at peace when I cleanse my body from alcohol, drugs, sex, and bad foods. Most people want to celebrate this New Year with programmed "fun" or what we think is a "good time". As you begin to heal or if are already far into your journey like me, you will want to have "fun" a different way. Most people will not understand your energy vibrations or your healing journey and that's perfectly fine. Everyone is on different levels and most can not understand where you are unless they have removed distractions from their life as well.

Allow this New Year to elevate your healing to the next level. Even if you relapse in your cleansing, continue the next day exactly where you were before. Don't allow your distractions to make you feel guilty or give up what you started. Another year to accomplish your goals, be a better you, and continue to grow into the person you want to be. I pray for everyone to love themselves more, love others, and radiate positivity so we can continue to FEEL&HEAL.

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